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White German Shepherd

Puppy Asleep on Carpet

Champion Sled Dog

Horses Grazing at Dusk

Terrier on the Beach

White Labrador Puppy

Kitten in Fork of Tree

Chestnut Thoroughbred

Black Labrador Retriever

White Labrador Retriever

Kitten on a Quilt

Irish Terrier

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white shadow german shepherd painted pet dog portrait

black labrador puppy asleep on the carpet painted pet dog portrait

champion sled dog painted pet dog portrait

white Labradore retriever painted pet dog portraits
terrier on the beach with her reflection on wet sand - painted pet portrait

white Labrador puppy on a blue blanket

sled dog box painted pet dog portrait

chestnut thoroughbred mare painted pet horse portrait

vignette head and shoulders of a black labrador retriever painted pet portrait

horses grazing at dusk painted pet horse portrait

abyssinian kitten on a quilt painted pet cat portrait

vignette head and shoulders of an irish terrier painted pet dog portrait

My clients commission me to capture the essence of their four-legged friends in heirloom-quality portraits using permanent acrylic paints on canvas in the style of classical realism. I use a variety of photographs to render the distinct characteristics of the individual(s) in the portrait.

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