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Black Labrador Retriever

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Children and Sled-Dogs

Happy Horse

Horses Grazing at Dusk

Irish Terrier

Kitten in Fork of Tree

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Puppy Asleep on Carpet

Sled-Dogs in Dog Box

Terrier on the Beach

White German Shepherd

White Labrador Puppy

White Labrador Retriever 1

White Labrador Retriever 2

Pricing Information
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Pet Portrait Pricing Information*
size in inches detailed

  9 x 12 $   700 $  600
12 x 16   1,200  1,000
16 x 20   2,000  1,600
18 x 24   2,600  2,200
20 x 24   2,900  2,400
24 x 30   4,400  3,600
30 x 36
  6,000  4,800

*Prices are for one animal per painting.  Add 10% for each additional animal.  Very detailed backgrounds may be priced higher.
Paintings like Children and Sled-Dogs and Sled-Dogs in Dog Box are priced differently.
**A vignette is a subject on a background of blended color.
A 30% nonrefundable deposit is required at the time the commission agreement is signed.
Payment is made by personal check or through PayPal or another Internet payment processor.
In order to use a copywrited photograph as the main image of the painted portrait, written permission of the photographer is required. Any professionally made photograph should be considered to be copywrited.
Turnaround time depends on several factors including the size and detail of the painting and number of commissions already in process.
Shipping expenses will be added.  Includes packing materials, shipping insurance, and delivery costs.
Framing service available:   9x12 add $90
12x16 add $120
16x20 add $160
18x24 add $190
20x24 add $210
24x30 add $290
30x36 add $390

All rights are reserved. Unless otherwise agreed to and stated in the agreement, the painted image will be owned exclusively by True North Images(TM) and the artist Janette D. "JD" North.  Purchase of a painting is for personal, non-commercial use.

All content on this website belongs to True North Images(TM).
Updated November 2017.

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